Wise Feedback interview with Dr. Bettina Casad and Julie Preuss, BCBA

S2: E3 – In this episode, we have two special guests: Dr. Bettina Casad and Julie Preuss, BCBA. Dr. Megan Miller met with Dr. Casad to learn more about her research article Wise psychological interventions to improve gender and racial equality in STEM that was published in the Journal of Group Processes and Intergroup Relations in 2018. Julie served as a co-moderator and provides insightful questions and makes connections between Dr. Casad’s research and behavior analysis.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Social Class Susan Fisk
Wise psychological interventions (Casad et al., 2018)
Breaking the cycle of mistrust (Yeager et al., 2014)
No Stupid Questions: How do you handle criticism?