Do Better Pod Live – Soft Skills

In this episode from Dec 12th, 2023, Dr. Megan and Joe discuss Soft Skills in Behavior Analysis. Let us know which resources you have found helpful for teaching Soft Skills.

Show Notes:

  • Do Better podcast will switch to monthly live recordings instead of weekly in 2024.
  • Goal is to have all live content on the same day/time each month so people can plan for it.
  • Next recording will be a special session on motivational interviewing with Callie on 12/19.
  • Soft skills like listening and cultural humility weren’t taught much in grad school but are critical.
  • Important for behavior analysts to listen to families without judgement and understand their perspectives.
  • Compassion, empathy, collaboration, and perspective taking are key soft skills.
  • There can be issues when expectations around “professional” interaction aren’t neurodiversity affirming.
  • Resources mentioned:
    • Compassionate listening courses
    • Book “25 Essential Skills for Behavior Analysts”
    • Stoic philosophy (Ryan Holiday)
    • ACT training
    • Books by Aubrey Daniels and Brene Brown
    • Trainings and Books by Denny Reed
    • ChatGPT and Goblin AI tools