Do Better Pod Live – Social Media Instagram Accounts

In this Live recording from Dec 5th, 2023, Joe and Dr. Megan discuss which Social Media Instagram Accounts influence their practices and why. Let us know if you have any accounts you would recommend!

Podcast Show Notes:

  • Callie Plattner to join on December 19th to discuss motivational interviewing.
  • Suggestions needed for new topics to add to the podcast topic wheel.
  • Megan discussed favorite Instagram accounts that inform ABA practice:
    • Kids Create Ed – gives fun ideas for parents and kids, e.g. family clean-up time triggered by Alexa timer
    • Big Life Journal – building resilience, persistence, grit
    • Connected Parenting – gentle parenting strategies
    • Mr. Chazz – education and parenting topics
  • Joe discussed his favorite Instagram accounts:
    • Kaylin Hartrow – autistic advocate, gives advice and perspectives on autism
    • Ryan Holiday – author on stoicism, teaches focusing on controllables
    • The Tired Dad – shorts on being an intentional, present father