Do Better Pod LIVE – Conferences for 2023

Join Dr. Megan, Joe and the Do Better Pod community as we decide which upcoming conference 2023 will give you the most FOMO if you don’t attend in person or online!


Gulf Coast ABA Oct 6th and 7th: ⁠⁠ Dr. Megan is presenting a workshop and presentation. Dr. Pat Friman, Mary Jane Weiss, and Dr. James Moore are also presenting. 10 CEs available for this conference. It is being held in New Orleans

Hoosier Association Oct 18th-20th: ⁠⁠

Dr. Megan is presenting on Oct 19th. Dr. Becca Tagg and Dr. Tarbox are also presenting. 10 CEs available for this one as well. It is in Bloomington, IN 

APPLIED 2023 hosted by Matthew Harrington

Link available beginning of August. Even is on October 28th and is FREE with option to purchase CEs.

Standard Celeration Society Nov 9th-11th: ⁠⁠ 

Dr. Megan is presenting on a panel and this is one of her favorite conferences and locations. Great hotel for families! The content covered is usually novel but accessible! Dr. Rosales Ruiz and Dr. Heward are the main speakers this day. Conference registration includes incredible meals and there is a great collaborative environment! 

Disrupt Conference


Online on Nov 11th and includes a business and clinical track