(REC) The ABA Supervision Handbook

This webinar discusses how to utilize the new ABA Supervision Handbook to provide a structured and ethical supervision experience.


  1. Participants will learn to assess the supervisee’s baseline skills
  2. Participants will learn to prioritize core skills
  3. Participants will utilize competency-based assessments
  4. Participants will utilize an ethics flowchart to teach decision making processes
  5. Participants will identify ways to teach and monitor competency for case management skills


Hana Jurgens, M.A. BCBA, received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Grand Valley State University and a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Rowan University. Ms. Jurgens serves as a Regional Clinical Training Coordinator for Positive Behavior Supports Inc. in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she facilitates and directs the ongoing fieldwork experiences of all students who are enrolled in ABA programs and working on site. Ms. Jurgens has a passion for all things research, ethics, and professionalism, and uses her role to instill these attributes to all future BCBAs and BCaBAs.

Dr. Karly Cordova, Ed.D., BCBA-D, received her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Growth and Development, her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, and her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership with a minor in Autism. Dr. Cordova’s expertise resides in the areas of teaching functional life skills, conducting research in applied settings, disseminating ABA through effective and systematic supervision, and building capacity within organizations.

Dr. Yulema Cruz, BCBA-D, received a PhD in Education with a concentration in applied behavior analysis from Nova Southeastern University. Her academic interests include ethics and supervision in ABA, development of supervision systems, and the dissemination of ABA to other countries and languages. Dr. Cruz also provides advice in the area of ethics in supervision as part of the international www.ABAEthicshotline.com.

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