Shaping, Shaping, Shaping….Always Shaping

CEUs: 2.5 Learning BACB®
Presenter(s): Megan Miller, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA


Are you ready to take your expertise in behavior analysis to the next level? Introducing our groundbreaking webinar on the transformative art of shaping. Get ready to ignite your passion for teaching new skills and conquering stressful environments like never before!

In the dynamic field of behavior analysis, the potential of shaping often remains untapped due to the lack of comprehensive training. Dr. DeLeon is here to equip you with the essential knowledge and tools to master the art of assessing a learner’s current performance and determining the precise shaping steps to create low-stress and effective learning environments.

Through a captivating blend of interactive activities and real-life case examples, Dr. DeLeon will personally guide you on a journey of discovery. You’ll learn how to skillfully assess the shaping needs of your clients, unlocking the gateway to accelerated skill development like never before. With her expert guidance, you’ll gain the confidence to design powerful programs for skill acquisition based on the transformative principles of shaping.

But that’s not all! By enrolling in this exclusive webinar, you’ll gain access to an invaluable shaping packet. Packed with practical resources, insightful templates, and real-world examples, this treasure trove of knowledge will revolutionize your approach to teaching a variety of skills. Imagine empowering your clients with self-advocacy, equipping them to navigate stressful experiences with resilience, and building strong connections through the power of relationship development and play.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to enhance your clinical skill set. Join Dr. DeLeon and a community of like-minded behavior analysts as we embark on a journey of transformation together. Elevate your practice, ignite your passion, and make a lasting impact on the lives of your clients. Enroll now and unleash the boundless potential of shaping!


  • Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of shaping as a powerful strategy for teaching new skills and addressing challenging behavior, and recognize its significance within behavior analysis.
  • Participants will learn to effectively assess a learner’s current performance and identify the specific shaping steps necessary to guide them towards a terminal goal.
  • Participants will acquire practical knowledge and resources to develop individualized programs for skill acquisition, leveraging the principles of shaping to facilitate accelerated progress.
  • Participants will explore various skills that can be shaped through behavior analytic service delivery.
  • Participants will enhance their decision-making skills by examining critical considerations before embarking on the shaping process, ensuring the implementation of successful and ethical programs for skill development.
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