Play! Creative Ideas and Detailed Processes for Pursuing Intrinsic Motivation

CEUs: 2 Learning BACB®
Presenter(s): Steve Ward, BCBA


How many different things can you do with a paper towel roll? What about straws? The value of play is widely recognized in child development, with impacts upon the student-teacher relationship, communication, flexibility, and much more. But it can be difficult to keep things fresh.  Some learners are difficult to engage.  In these cases, subtleties in the PROCESSES of engagement are critical.  Many RBT’s, parents, teachers, etc are accustomed to being told what to teach and how to teach, and some struggle to generate creative play ideas.

In this presentation, we will discuss aspects of healthy play processes and will share a LOT of creative play ideas with common materials.  Everyone will leave with new play ideas!

Learning Objectives:

  • The participant will be able to explain the difference between intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation.
  • The participant will be able to list at least 2 current interests for a learner they know.
  • The participant will provide at least 2 new play ideas that may work with a learner they know.
  • The participant will list at least 2 potential benefits of intrinsically motivated social interactions.
  • The participant will describe at least one way to take data on play.
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About Steve Ward

Steve Ward, MA, BCBA has been working in the field of Behavior Analysis since 1995, and is currently co-owner of Whole Child Consulting, LLC. Steve has been consulting to teams around the world, addressing everything from early communication and physical aggression to vocational opportunities and inclusion in college courses.

Steve authored What You Need to Know about Motivation and Teaching Games: An In-depth Analysis, The Inventory of Good Learner Repertoires, and Teaching Good Learner Repertoires and co-authored Teaching Advanced Learner Repertoires, and Another 21 Games: This time, it’s personal…. These publications reflect Steve’s passion not only for what students learn, but also for the manner in which they learn it. Steve specializes in teaching learner repertoires, including social repertoires, incorporating knowledge from a variety of perspectives and remaining at all times behavioral in his own perspective.

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