Early Intervention: Routines, Problem Solving, and Assessments, Oh My! – Group

CEUs: 2 Learning BACB®
Presenter(s): Debbie Ruff, MS, PPS, BCBA


Students and clients who can tell cohesive and coherent personal stories are more likely to have higher language and literacy outcomes and report past experiences to appropriate authorities (e.g., report abuse, feelings about a previous situation). Even before students are able to write legibly, they can learn critical storytelling skills that generalize from oral to written language.

This presentation will present an overview of research on the use of an oral storytelling intervention to improve the writing skills of early learners. Participants will receive a copy of the article and learn how to use a provided tool to measure the quality of written and oral narratives produced by clients or students.


  • Participants will identify the key structural elements of written and oral narrative language (i.e., story grammar)
  • Participants will generate 1 written personal narrative based on knowledge and skills learned within the presentation
  • Given a writing sample, Participants will quantify the quality of the narrative using a provided tool (Narrative Language Measure Flow Chart)
  • Participants will explain how oral narrative language is related to written narrative language
  • Participants will be able to name at least one behavior analytic intervention targeting oral narrative or written narrative language skills instruction
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Debbie Ruff, MS, PPS, BCBA

Debbie Ruff, M.S., PPS, BCBA is a Regional Clinical Director at Patterns Behavioral Services located in Brea, CA. She also serves as adjunct professor at Santiago Canyon College in Orange, CA. Debbie has over 15 years of experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. After earning her master’s degree in School Psychology from National University, Debbie immediately continued her studies by completing the required coursework, accruing hours, and passing the exam to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She has extensive experience working with the early start population, conducting intake and ongoing assessments, and mentoring staff. Debbie also has a special interest in Organizational Behavior Management and completed the OBM Certificate Program through Florida Tech.