Children are People Too – Group

CEUs: 2 Ethics BACB®
Presenter(s): Kelly Taylor Saunders, BCaBA and CE Instructor Dr. Megan Miller, BCBA-D


Society in general is set up to maintain the power differences between adults and children, to the detriment of both. Children should be seen as fellow human beings, with their own agency and autonomy and as such, this should be supported and celebrated. If we are to achieve safe, meaningful and compassionate relationships with the children in our lives, we need to identify where we hold power and be ready to share this. This webinar will raise some important questions about how we can “Do Better” when it comes to helping the next generation.

Learning Objectives:

  • The participant will be able to define “adultism” and what the “adult gaze” is.
  • The participant will be able to explain what power differentials are between adults and children and how to reduce these.
  • The participant will be able to explain why we should always comfort an upset child and how we might be predisposed to use extinction and/or punishment if we don’t.
  • The participant will be able to provide examples of how “lagging skills” can impact a learner’s behaviour and why we need to be proactive, instead of reactive in our approach.
  • The participant will be able to identify how adults demonstrate hypocrisy and double standards.
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