10 Things RBTs Hate About You: Reviewing RBT Feedback to Improve Our Supervision Skills

CEUs: 4 Supervision BACB®
Presenter(s): Diah Askari, BCBA with Megan Miller, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA


Quality supervision is imperative to ensure both effective treatment to the populations we serve, as well as ensuring the proper development of the next generation of BCBAs. BCBAs often rely on past experience with their previous supervisors to guide their supervision styles, but an often overlooked source of feedback is directly from the RBTs we supervise. This presentation will review submissions by RBTs across the country, highlighting specific areas they feel their supervisors can improve.

Learning Objectives: 

  1.  Identify quality supervision practices
  2. Learn how to effectively deliver feedback
  3. Learn how to request and receive feedback.
  4. Use strategies based on behavior principles in their supervision practices
  5. Identify areas where RBTs feel they need the most support
  6. Improve supervisor-supervisee relationship building skills.
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Single On-Demand, Live Online Event



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Diah Askari, BCBA



Diah Askari, BCBA

By day, Diah Askari, MS, BCBA is a behavior analyst who provides ABA therapy through his company Mighty Heroes in Miami, Florida. By night, Diah transforms into his alter ego, Behavior Man, where he takes to social media with the mission of disseminating the power of Behavior Analysis.

Diah Askari's professional endeavors also include business consultation to organizations regarding supervision, marketing, social media, and innovative applications of ABA technologies. Diah is also a children's book author, and will soon be publishing his first two books that utilize ABA technologies to teach language to children through storytelling.

Diah hopes to connect with others who share similar values and a passion for disseminating what ABA could, and should, be. This has led him to The Do Better Collective, where he hopes to contribute to the amazing work they have already done in improving the field of behavior analysis.