(REC) A Skillset to Set you Apart: How to Level Up with Instructional Design

“Instructional Design” is a nebulous term with many meanings, and everyone in the field of ABA has different experiences with it. So, what does it really look like to design instruction for ABA programming? Amy Evans will summarize the “need-to-knows” of instructional design terminology and processes. Then, Liz Lefebre will walk you through several examples of how an expert instructional designer tackles complex, but common problems in ABA programming. You’ll gain ideas for improving your design of programs like tacting features, see-say sounds, and manding. As a bonus, you’ll learn about the key component skills to clear up discrimination errors between echoic and intraverbal stimuli. To get the most out of this workshop-style event, bring a specific program to focus on during the guided activities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will identify critical features of skills
  • Participants will identify variable features of skills
  • Participants will learn to sequence skills appropriately
  • Participants will create an instructional sequence for a program of their choosing
  • Participants will describe the process of designing ABA programming

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