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Jan 2022 Webinar with Melisa Santacroce on the Enhanced Choice Model

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Webinar Description

The Enhanced Choice Model as published by Adithyan Rajaraman (2020) was utilized in the treatment for two unique learners in home, one adolescent and one adult. Standardized and Criterion referenced data was collected at baseline and after six months and will be presented along with behavioral data. ECM is an extension of PFA/SBT process to learners that fit a profile of understanding and utilizing language and having a history of resistance to physical management as well as severe and dangerous problem behavior. The process will be discussed as well as insights learned over the course of treatment with these individuals.

Learning Objectives:
1) The participant will explain the Enhanced Choice Model and how it is utilized as an extension of the PFA/SBT process.

2) The participant will identify specific learner characteristics that fit with the Enhanced Choice Model treatment.

3) The participant will provide examples of activities that can be done in the “hang out”; condition that set the stage for micro-shaping of later “practice” activities.

4) The participant will identify the core values of the PFA/SBT process and explain how they extend into the Enhanced Choice Model.

5) The participant will provide examples of R1, R2 and R3 behavior and how this understanding could inform treatment decisions regarding the advancement of the EO at any given time within the context of ECM.

About Melisa Santacroce, SLP/BCBA

Melisa Santacroce is a BCBA and SLP who owns Balance Speech and Behavior in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The agency employs a small circle of highly qualified and experienced staff to work with individuals with a variety of behavioral health needs.

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Jan 15 2022


10:00 am - 12:00 pm