Relational Frame Theory Cohort - Fall 2021

CEUs: 9.5 Learning BACB®
Presenter(s): Leah Verkuylen, BCBA


Starting the week of Oct 19th, on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7pm CST for 8 weeks

This 8-week webinar series will include the basics of relational frame theory, outlining relational responding and how it can be utilized in everyday practice. We will discuss briefly what relational frame theory is and how to utilize derived relational responding through programming targets. We will discuss how to implement some PEAK strategies as well as how to create unique individualized targets. We will review how RFT relates to ACT and how to develop unique ACT targets as well as use published curriculum. We will wrap things up by viewing treatment planning and program creation through an ACT and RFT lens.

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6 Learning Objectives:

  • What is relational frame theory
    • Describe relational frame theory- where it came from
    • Describe what derived relational responding is in its basic form
  • How to employ relational responding to create individualized programming
    • Moving from scientist to practitioner
    • Example “standard programming” to derived relational programming
    • How to write this in a treatment plan
  • Employing PEAK to teach derivation
    • Pick a PEAK program or two and discuss how relations are taught
    • Pick a PEAK program or two and discuss how to modify to an individual
    • How to write this in a treatment plan
  • How RFT relates to ACT
    • What is ACT
    • What about ACT is related to RFT
  • How to employ ACT/ Mindfulness – using published curriculum & creating unique programming
    • Pick an “symptom of Autism” and published ACT programming that matches
    • Pick a “symptom of Autism” and create individual/ unique ACT programming
    • How to write this in a treatment plan
  • Letting ACT and RFT infiltrate global programming for an individual
    • Thinking about all programming from an RFT perspective
    • Writing treatment plans and linking programming

Course Content

Week 1 - Starts Tue Oct 19 @7pm CST
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8

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Relational Frame Theory (RFT)


Leah Verkuylen, BCBA



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Leah Verkuylen, BCBA

Leah Verkuylen has been a BCBA 4 years, primarily serving children with autism in the Virginia Beach area but has recently moved to Texas. Leah received her master’s degree from Southern Illinois University with the unique opportunity to learn the implementation and utilization of PEAK and ACT under Dr. Dixon. Her interests include language intervention, ACT, derived relational responding and social skills. Outside of work she likes to spoil her dogs and watch trashy television.