Behavioral Sleep Treatment: A to zzzzzzzzz Cohort (Aug 2022)

CEUs: 7 Learning BACB®
Presenter(s): Emily Ice, M.Ed., BCBA


This course will expand your practice and allow you to tackle these challenging behaviors. Mentorship opportunities are included, so be prepared to bring a case to the Tuesday evening case mentorship sessions.

note: Lectures, Thursdays starting Aug 18th at 1pm eastern/11am mountain time – 1 hour sessions (ATTEND LIVE OR RECORDED); ends Jul 21st. Office Hours (Case Conceptualization), Tuesdays Aug 18th to Jul 19th at 7pm eastern/5 pm mountain time – 1 hour sessions (LIVE ONLY).

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Sleep is a vital function; one that consumes a third of our lives. One that has been shown to be a key to improving the quality and extending the quantity of our lives. Our aim as behavior analysts is to create socially meaningful change. To apply the principles of behaviorism to do better. We have a systemic problem with sleep. One which will require societal, familial, and individual change to occur. This is not a small problem that will change over-night. Join in the field full of movers to regain those contingencies that put sleep in the winner’s circle. To shift from pride in surviving on no sleep to thriving on healthy sleep. To teach and instill this importance to our future generations in the hopes that they can become their own contingency managers for their own healthy sleep habits.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify common behavioral sleep challenges
  • Describe the behavioral conceptualization of sleep
  • Select an appropriate assessment tool for a specified behavioral sleep disturbance
  • Recommend a behavioral protocol for a specified sleep related behavior
  • Summarize ethical practice considerations related to sleep behaviors
  • Understand the role of behavior analysis within sleep treatment

Course Content

Week 1 - Start with lecture on Thu, Aug 18, 2022 @ 1pm EST
Week 2 - Aug 23 @ 7pm EST & Aug 25 @ 1pm EST
Week 3 - Aug 30 @ 7pm EST & Sep 1 @ 1pm EST
Week 5 - TBD @ 7pm EST & TBD @ 1pm EST
Week 6 - TBD @ 7pm EST & TBD @ 1pm EST
Week 7 - TBD @ 7pm EST & TBD @ 1pm EST
Week 8 - TBD @ 7pm EST & TBD @ 1pm EST

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>= 5

Course Presenter

Emily Ice, MEd, BCBA





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Single On-Demand, Live Online Event


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Emily Ice, M.Ed., BCBA

Emily Ice is the Executive Director at Step-In Autism Services and provides behavioral sleep mentorship and consultation. Emily’s doctorate research focuses on the behavioral conceptualization of sleep and analyzing contingencies affecting sleep. Since 2001, she has worked with families, children and adults experiencing developmental disabilities in-home and center-based settings. She serves as a board member at large on the Alaska Association of Behavior Analysts and is stepping into the role of a board member for the Colorado Association of Behavior Analysts in January of 2022. Emily’s passion is to empower Behavior Analysts to become sleep curators for their clients.